Trilex-Style MODERN Wheels for 1/14th Scale Semi Trucks

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These fit standard 1/14th scale Tamiya semi tires and are sold per axle. Single front and dual rears are available for standard tractors, all wheel drive tractors, or trailers.  Larger caps are drive hubs and the smaller caps are passive hubs.

  • Front Axle Set (Passive)
  • Rear Axle Set

What you get per axle:

  • Two (2) 20mm wide rims (Four (4) for Rear Axles)
  • Two (2) Hubs
  • Two (2) Sets of Black Socket Cap Hardware
  • Two (2) Center Hub Covers

They are white rims with gray plastic hubs and can be used as-is or you can paint them.

Tires and other scale accessories are NOT included and only shown for scale.

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